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Power Up With PowerPoint as a Publishing Tool!With Tammy WorcesterAll Day Session Come and discover some really cool ways to use Microsoft PowerPoint as a publishing tool! Examples of products you will create during this session include a t-riffic activity, an acrostic, bookmarks, mini-books, and a fact-flipper. No prior PowerPoint experience required — just come with a positive attitude and an open mind!
Driving Questions in Education: Are you geared up to Drive education in the 21st Century?With Kevin HoneycuttAll Day Session


The 21st century offers us so many great tools to help learners “gear up” for a successful future but we sometimes forget the educational pit crew. Educators face abundant challenges but the opportunities are amazing! Join me for a day of exploring new and exciting tools and techniques for exciting young minds and rekindling that excitement you felt on your first day in the classroom. We will delve into social learning networks, 21st century collaboration, using brain research to empower learning and much more. Grab your driving gloves and get ready to shift into drive!
Taking Digital Pictures and Editing them EffectivelyWith Leslie FisherAll Day Session Have you been dabbling with your digital camera and getting frustrated with blurry boring pictures? If so, this class is for you! Pack your camera, an extra battery, battery charger, manual, card reader or download cable and learn how to take effective digital pictures. We will start with the basics. Learning about proper composition and work our way up to camera modes. We will then use Photoshop Elements to organize, edit and share our pictures and show off our new talents!
The Tiber Creek Driving Experience: Learn To Get The Most Horsepower Out of Your Technology Engine In Just One Day!All Day Session 1st Gear:  Getting the Most Out of Student LaptopsMaximize the effectiveness of laptop carts – a MUST for any school or district considering 1-to-1 Laptop InitiativesExperience in a hands-on environment, one of the most groundbreaking curriculum-technology integration tools available today

2nd Gear:  An Easier (and Less Expensive) Way to Monitor HOW Your Networks are Performing and WHAT Your Students are Doing

See up close an Open Source utility that will Monitor ALL your networks and alert you with issues

You will also review an Open Source tool for keeping track of EXACTLY what your students are doing on the Internet

3rd Gear:  Taking the Mystery and Complexity Out of e-Mail Archiving

Determine what options are best for your e-Mail environment and what you need specifically to put a solution in place

You will be able to DESIGN your solution and begin the budgeting process

4th Gear:  Kicking into Overdrive with Novell’s OES Linux Server

Hear what’s new and what’s changed with Novell’s newest Server Operating System

See side-by-side comparisons of the Old and New environments and try the new management tools


ITS Time to Shift into High Gear:  CONNECT…..SHARE…..EXPLOREAll Day Session  Practicing Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS):CONNECT:  Learn to connect learners – students and teachers through free (open source) resources such as Moodle and WordPressSHARE: Gather free resources and funding ideas to assist with the integration of technology into the classroom

EXPLORE: Get inspired, motivated and encouraged by the possibilities of shifting your classroom into high gear for the 21st Century!

Cyber Law Academywith David HostetlerAll Day Session  Technology in schools offers wonderful learning and management opportunities but also imposes many new and significant legal risks and challenges. When can you discipline students for offensive or threatening personal web pages? What are the requirements and limits of monitoring student and staff electronic communications and files? How do the state’s open meetings, public records, and record retention laws apply to electronic files? What should (and should not be) addressed in Acceptable Use Policies?   This session will address the rules and practices necessary to navigate this new and increasingly complex body of law by examining three primary areas: (1) Cyberspeech (free speech, defamation, harassment), (2) Cybersafety (e.g., child protection laws and practices, cyberbullying), and (3) Cybersystems (e.g., record-keeping, system security, copyright).
Around the Track in Record Time: Speedy Ways to Integrate and Create Instructional Videos With Jodie SmithAll Day Session


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the power of video in web 2.0 digital literacy. Participants will learn to find and integrate instructional videos created by teachers from all over the world using Participants will also learn how to create their own instructional videos to share online with the educational community. Both non-camera and camera based techniques using free software will be practiced during the session.
Using the New Collaborative Web for Education With David WarlickAll Day Session


With the advent of the World Wide Web, the Internet became a much richer place for publishing of content and media.  Yet today, as a result of a flurry of innovation, the Internet is continuing to its roots, as a place where people collaborate, where we work together to teach, to learn, and to construct knowledge and content as a result of conversation.  This workshop will serve to acquaint educators with many of these technologies and techniques for integrating these tools and practices into our classroom instructional activities and our own professional learning endeavors.  Among the tools will be blogs, wikis, social networking, social media, RSS aggregators, and more.
Plugin to Audio in the ClassroomWith Melissa Thibault and Bobby Hobgood, Ed.D.Morning Session Ipods have transformed how we access and listen to audio in the form of music and information. With all the hype, has anyone thought about “how” we will take advantage of this in the classroom? How do we prepare students to listen and learn from audio sources? This hands-on session will explore how to locate audio resources, how to integrate them into the curriculum, and how to create and use them to achieve instructional goals.
Globalizing Your Classroom: Simple Strategies for Making Real-World and “My-World” ConnectionsWith Bobby Hobgood, Ed.D. Afternoon Session How can we best leverage Internet connectivity to the outside world?What does it mean to prepare students for success in a global society?Not just an awareness session of available Internet resources, this session demonstrates how teachers can develop a global vision for preparing their students for their future.


Authentic Learning with Technology: Primary Sources and the Web With David Walbert and Melissa ThibaultAfternoon Session


The web has enabled teachers to bring primary sources into the classroom in ways never before possible. Historical documents, audio and video, even “virtual field trips” are everywhere to enrich history and science curricula and engage students. North Carolina, in particular, offers a wealth of primary sources to teachers. But the possibilities can seem bewildering — what should a teacher /do/ with all this stuff? We’ll sort through the models, showcase new interactive tools, offer guidelines, and provide time for hands-on exploration.
Who’s In Your Circle? Collaboration in the 21st CenturyWith Deborah Goodman and Gail Holmes Educators on Loan, NCDPIAll Day Session The 21st century has ushered in a number of web based tools that can be used to collaborate globally to bring new life to the curriculum. We are living in the age of engagement “connecting, creating and contributing”. Infrared, Bluetooth, and satellites are transmitting information at record speeds. How can teachers make use of this information and speed in their classroom and motivate students to use higher order thinking skills, problem solving skills while mastering content being taught . . . Web 2.0. Attendees will receive hands-on access and strategies for implementing Web 2.0 tools (i.e. Wikis, Blogs, Skype, and Google Docs). Join us in this session to obtain strategies for taking Web 2.0 to school.