NCaect Grants


Three (3) $3000 Grants will be awarded for innovative, student-involved projects, which effectively use technology. Each grant recipient will receive a check for $3000 and agree to present at the 2009 NCaect Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center March 5th and 6th. The winner will receive registration and one or two night’s lodging in addition to the check for the school. At that conference each winner will present a session concerning the product/project that was aided by the grant money.


  • Emailed or postal mail applications must be received by noon January 10th, 2008. Also emailed/faxed copy of application page with personal data and the signature of applicant’s immediate supervisor who can give permission for the winner to attend the 2009 conference in Raleigh must be received by January 17th..
  • An emailed acknowledgement of the applications will be returned quickly and the winners will be announced to all by January 25th by email.

You must be a current member of NCaect who is working with students to develop student-produced projects. If you attended last year’s conference, you are a member automatically. You can become a member as you register for this year’s conference. Membership alone is $15..


  • Staff development projects
  • Stipends
  • Money for food or entertainment
  • Schools or individuals who have received the grant in the past 3 years

Do not exceed 7 printed, double-spaced pages.

  • Title Page must include:
    • Name, position, school name and address, email, phone, fax number.
    • Supervisor’s name, position, address, email, phone, fax numbers.
    • Supervisor can send email confirming that they approve the application and that you may attend the conference if you are the winner.


  • Title
  • Goals and evidence of need
  • Description of the project with the target group’s ages, learning characteristics, and the number involved
  • Correlation to curriculum and/or benchmarks
  • Procedures and/or methods of implementation
  • Timeline
  • Description of the project evaluation
  • Project costs, including each item to be purchased and the vendor name and address


1. Student Involvement – The project provides hands-on technology use and is not just an equipment purchase for instructor use.
2. Creativity – The project is innovative and challenging to students.
3. Goal(s) – The project is clearly defined and designed to enhance the educational experience of the students’ learning.
4. Educational Technology Value – The project is consistent with stated curriculum objectives.
5. Evaluation – Plans for evaluating the effectiveness of the project are appropriate and adequate.