Best Teacher Website Criteria

Criteria For Evaluating Web Sites



  • Error-free information
  • Current information – updated regularly
  • Objective, balanced presentation of information and images
  • Correct use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Off-site links lead to content that is relevant and appropriate
  • Authority
    – Expertise/reputation of author/designer
    – Contact information for author/designer
    – Expertise/reputation of host site


  • Concepts and vocabulary relevant to students’ abilities
  • Information relevant to the North Carolina K-12 curriculum
  • Interaction compatible with the physical and intellectual maturity of intended audience


  • Information of sufficient scope to adequately cover the topic for the intended audience
  • Logical progression of topics within original site (site being evaluated) and off-site links

Technical Aspects


  • Site is reliably accessible with reasonable load times
  • Intuitive icons, menus, and directional symbols that foster independent use
  • Links that allow easy navigation throughout the site
  • Standard multimedia formats employed
  • Options for printing/downloading all or selected text and graphics


  • Graphic design principles
    – Screen displays uncluttered and concise
    – Captions, labels, or legends for all visuals
    – Legible text and print size appropriate for the intended audience
  • Graphics and multimedia used when effective and appropriate
  • Information presented in a manner to stimulate imagination and curiosity

Product advertising not intrusive