Best Teacher Website

2008-2009 NCaect Best Teacher Website Award

The North Carolina Association for Educational Communications and Technology is proud to offer an award for best teacher web site. The award will be a cash prize of $250.00 to a North Carolina teacher for an innovative, content rich web site that effectively uses the Internet as an instructional resource. The winner of the award will be announced during the luncheon at the 2008 NCaect conference. All nominations must be in by February 8, 2008.


  • A content-based site related to the NC curriculum.
  • Appropriate for classroom use.
  • Student content or student work displayed on site.
  • Age appropriateness of content (is the content readable by intended audience).
  • Must be created by a teacher or group of teachers.
  • The website nominated cannot be a school website.


The website will be evaluated for accuracy, appropriateness, scope, navigation, and presentation.
See Criteria for Evaluating Websites.


In the body of the message include the following information:

1. The URL (web address) to be judged.
2. The name of the contact person who created the website and who will receive the award.
3. The school name and address, and telephone number where the nominee works.